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These 10 Facts About Toothpaste May Surprise You

Saturday, June 4th, 2016

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Toothpaste we use every day is easily taken for granted, but in fact, it comes with quite a story…

Here are 10 facts that might surprise you about your toothpaste.

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1. Toothpaste’s Egyptian ties.

The earliest tooth cleaners were invented by the Egyptians 5000 years ago, and included abrasives like ground burnt eggshells. These ancient ingredients remained as effective at cleaning teeth as anything used until until about a century ago (although some other remedies were easier on the gums).

the egyptians and toothpaste

2. Even Royalty had rotted teeth…

In medieval times, the ancient remedies were forgotten, and people didn’t clean their teeth. As a result, even royalty like Queen Elizabeth I ended up with black and rotted teeth!

3. Toothpaste becomes smoother.

In 1824, a dentist named Peabody added Soap to toothpaste for better cleaning. That was used until around 1945, when other ingredients replaced it – notably sodium lauryl sulphate, which makes a smoother paste. This is still a common toothpaste ingredient.

4. Toothpaste vs. tooth powder.

Tooth cleaners were almost all powders, not pastes, until around World War One.

5. Fluorides are added to the formula.

Fluorides were first added to the cleaners in the early 1900s, to prevent tooth decay.

6. What we can thank Astronauts for…

Edible toothpaste was invented in 1987, not for children, as most people might believe, but for Astronauts – because spitting into a zero-gravity environment on a space ship is not pleasant.

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7. Even more varieties!

Today toothpastes come with a variety of special ingredients to whiten teeth, remove plaque, freshen breath and prevent gum disease. Herbal toothpastes like Tom’s brand are an alternative to fluoride, and contain ingredients like peppermint oil, myrrh and plant extracts.

8. Gluten-free toothpaste comes along.

Gluten-free toothpaste has been developed recently, for users who suffer from celiac disease. Fortunately, there is an abundance of gluten free toothpaste options available for such people, so finding them on store shelves isn’t difficult nowadays. Gluten free toothpastes usually contain cellulose gum, a natural alternative to other thickening agents. Using gluten free toothpaste twice a day, in addition to daily flossing, will help to maintain your oral care without that gastric interference.

9. Today’s toothpaste.

Today’s active ingredients include xylitol, baking soda and calcium phosphate. Xylitol helps prevent cavities and it also promotes saliva! If you have dry mouth, that is especially important to promote more saliva in your mouth.  Many know how baking soda is an ingredient in toothpaste – and it’s used to neutralize acid, as well as to combat stains on our teeth.Calcium phosphate can help with tartar control in the mouth. Other common ingredients include a combination of water, sorbitol, fluoride, cellulose gum and natural flavorings.

10. Not just for our teeth!?

Toothpaste also some fascinating uses, for the resourceful among us! Those uses include:

  • It can polish silver coffee service or silver jewelry, leaving a bright sheen…But the experts say not to use it on pearls!
  • A gel toothpaste can be used to adhere a bow to a baby’s hair. It washes out, and does not pull out the hair.
  • Just a small dab on your skin takes the sting and itch out of bug bites.
  • Clean your running shoes with white toothpaste!
  • Finally, Mom and Dad, you can remove crayon from walls – simply rub white toothpaste on the crayon marks with a damp cloth, then you can rinse the cloth, and wipe away any residue.

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