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The Truth About Aging and Your Teeth

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

As people age, it’s common to worry about several health factors…But one the most important aspects relating to our overall quality of life is often forgotten: oral care!

The time to start healthy oral care habits to maintain throughout your lifetime is now!

Why care? For starters, you don’t want to lose your teeth – and gum disease and tooth decay become the leading causes of tooth loss as we age. And even if you don’t lose your teeth, you don’t want to have to deal with receding gums that can become a problem in your 40s or 50s.

What’s more, it is important to be aware that dental crowns and filling do need to be replaced as we age. Over time, filling materials can wear and chip at the edges of your fillings and they can become weaker. When you go to your dentist regularly, they can check the health of your dental restorations so you can replace it when you need to.

So what else should we know in relation to oral care as time goes by? When you are over the age of about 50, there can be change in your gums, which can promote tooth decay. What’s more is that older adults who take medication (antihistamines, diuretics, pain killers, high blood pressure medications and/or antidepressants) can potentially see some negative side effects including dry mouth (which can lead to more decay!), gum changes, and even taste changes. These are all good reasons to visit your dentist on a regular basis.

Keep this in mind: dental disease is actually almost entirely preventable – and isn’t inevitable with age! Plus, a white and healthy smile is a huge indicator of good health and youth! Take your health in your hands now so down the road you can still enjoy a high quality of life.

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Your New Best Friend – The Athletic Mouthguard

Monday, April 30th, 2012

What do sport balls and elbows have in common?

The ability to cause injury — and some real damage — to your smile!

In fact, more than 200,000 mouth injuries occur each year as a result of sports. Ten to twenty percent of these injuries are what Dentists like to call: maxillofacial. Basically, it’s a big word that means the injuries are traumatic enough to cause a loss of function or disfigurement! Scary fact: sports are responsible for 10 percent of these injuries (which tells you just how many mouth-related accidents can occur.)

Specifically, basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, field hockey, and gymnastics are accountable for the majority of youth mouth injuries. Among high-school athletes, basketball and baseball alone account for 40 percent of dental injuries. Case in point: 75 percent of these injuries and 56 percent of all concussions occurred when athletes were not wearing a mouthguard.

When it comes to protecting against balls and elbows in sports, a mouthguard is key. (Other than not playing!) Mouthguards can protect the lips, cheeks, tongue, teeth, and jaw upon impact. In fact, with out a mouthguard, athletes are 60 times more likely to get an injury…who wants to take that risk? (We don’t!)

Curious as too what specific injuries we are talking about?

  • Dental fractures
  • Lacerations of lips, tongue, and cheeks
  • Avulsions (tearing away of pulling off)
  • Luxations (joint dislocation, in this case, the jaw)
  • Concussions

So, you don’t want this to happen to you or someone you love. Thankfully, the American Dental Association and Hagen Dental Practice both agree on what the best option is: a custom fit mouth guard can go a long way in ensuring the safety and dental well being of anyone who participates in sport activities! Remember, our main objective is to keep our patients smiles healthy and looking great.

Want some more information, check out our Question of the Week: Why Wear an Athletic Mouthguard? post.

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Question of the Week: Why Wear an Athletic Mouthguard?

Monday, November 21st, 2011

It’s not just hockey players, boxers, or BMX bike riders who should be wearing athletic mouthguards.

In fact, whether you’re playing sports recreationally, or competing at an elite level, dental injuries are a very common result of collision! (Picture chipped or broken teeth, nerve damage, concussions, or even breaking your jaw!) Some of these very injuries can take years to heel properly.

The good news is this: studies repeatedly show us that athletic mouthguards absorb the shock that your teeth and jaw may encounter. The American Dental Association supports the idea that the best available solution – for both contact and non-contact sport participation — is a properly fitting athletic mouthguard.

So by simply wearing an athletic mouthguard you can better avoid becoming one of the 5 million people each year who have a tooth knocked out while playing sports! Sounds like a smart idea to us!

Some tips to keep in mind:
• Under normal circumstances, you don’t want to wear a removable retainer and an athletic mouthguard at the same time;
• Ideally, check your athletic mouthguard fit at least yearly, as fit is crucial;
• Keep your athletic mouthguard clean and store it away from the heat;
• Wear your athletic mouthguard in practices and in games!

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