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7 Surprising Things That Happen When You Smile

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

We grow up hearing so many things about smiles:

“It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile.”

“When you smile, the whole world smiles with you.”

“Turn that frown upside down.”

“Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened!”

So what exactly happens when we smile?

  1. You’ll End Up With A Better Mood

When you smile, your mood is elevated. Psychologists have found this holds true whether you are feeling grumpy or happy before you smile. The positive impact of a smile helps reduce your stress levels, resulting in a happier disposition (1,2).

  1. Your Immune System Will Get A Boost

Your body relaxes, stress decreases, and energy becomes more positive when you smile. These contribute to good health and a stronger immune system. Frequent smiling causes your body to produce more white blood cells, an important component of your immune system in helping fight and prevent illness (1). Smile your way through the cold season this year!

  1. Your Stress Levels Go Down

Learning to smile in tough or stressful situations can be a challenge, but doing so results in dramatic health benefits by lowering stress and anxiety. People who smile while recovering from a stressful situation are found to have lower heart rates and a calmer presence (1).

smiles are contagious

  1. You’ll Probably Cause Someone Else To Smile

Smiles really are contagious. Research shows that seeing someone smile activates the area of the brain that controls facial movement. Thus, the smilee becomes the smiler! A study in Sweden found that people had difficulty frowning when they looked at smiling subjects; their muscles started twitching into smiles (1,2).

  1. People Will Find You More Confident, Trustworthy And Attractive

Smiles are the most easily recognized facial expression, recognized around the globe as a sign of happiness and acceptance. Smiles make a person seem more attractive, personable, empathetic and confident. Research found that smiles rank higher in attraction than makeup! A study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology found that smiles do indeed make you more attractive to those you smile at. A smile is an inviting expression that lets people know you are friendly and willing to talk, and helps people trust you more readily (1,2).

cute dog smile through life

  1. Endorphins Are Released

When you smile, a chemical reaction occurs in the brain, releasing endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals that help you feel happier. Endorphins are those molecules in the body that are released during exercise and running as well, causing “runner’s high” (1,2).

  1. You’ll Feel More Comfortable

Smiling can make you feel more comfortable, even in situations in which you might otherwise feel awkward. Smiling also takes less effort than frowning. Easier facial expressions are a more comfortable option. Smiles also make you more approachable. If others around you feel more comfortable, it will help you feel more comfortable, too (1,2).

feel great about your smile

Call Hagen Dental Practice so That You Can Keep Smiling with Confidence

Hagen Dental wants you to feel great about your smile – so you can show it off to the world and enjoy these physical and emotional benefits! Give us a call to learn more: (513) 251-5500



The ‘London Look’

Friday, June 5th, 2015

hagen dental dds

You may know of the phrase the “London Look,” thanks to the Rimmel London ads often on TV featuring Georgia May Jagger, the daughter of Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger. The slogan is meant to feature Jagger’s makeup, but for those who have seen the ads, they cannot help but think it represents another part of her appearance: her gap between her two front teeth!

What is the term for gaps in our teeth?

This term, formally known as diastema, is the term given to the space between teeth, in this case, the two front teeth.

Jagger is one of several celebrities that notoriously embrace this gap including Anna Paquin, Michael Strahan, Woody Harrelson, Madonna and Samuel L. Jackson.

Reasons why gaps in our teeth can occur include:

  • Gum disease that results in bone loss, or movement between front teeth
  • Oversized tissue that extending from inside of your upper lip to the gum just above 2 upper teeth
  • Habits such as thumb sucking that have affected teeth
  • Spaces causes by swallowing reflex over time

For many, the look can be a signature to them—meaning they have come to embrace the look in some ways…but what if, for a number of reasons, you want to fix the space that exists in your teeth?

Snap-On SmileTM Can Fix Gaps Between Your Teeth

Snap-On SmileTM gives you the ability to lose the gap or keep it when you want to. Featured previously in one of our blog posts, this custom-made, removable insert improves the cosmetic appearance of your teeth without any adhesives or glue. You can use it to hide diastema, missing teeth, chipped teeth or even discoloration. All you have to do is snap it over your teeth! This option avoids tooth drilling, shots, bonding, and best of all, it is affordable. Other benefits of Snap-On SmileTM   include:

  • Painless procedure
  • An easy process
  • Not invasive
  • You have choice over style and shade of your new smile—all of which will give you a natural look
  • Suitable for those who have an old-fashioned, removal partial denture

Ask us to learn more about achieving a great smile that you can have the ultimate confidence in with Snap-On SmileTM ! Thousands of people have used Snap-On SmileTM   to do just that!

To learn more about this option, you can check out our previous post or you can set up an appointment with us today at Hagen Dental.


Do’s and Don’ts: For Your Dental Health!

Monday, August 12th, 2013

Why Do Some Dentist Visits Require Numbing?

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

We all have bacteria on our teeth and when we eat sugary treats or don’t brush our teeth, the bacteria builds plaque that eats “holes” in our teeth. These “holes” are often referred to as cavities and decay. They cause bad breath, discomfort, and negatively contribute to our oral health.

What to do when you think you may have a cavity? Call Dr. Hagen! He’ll get you fixed up right away – and you won’t feel a thing!

So why do visits require numbing anyway? The reason why dentists numb patients before filling a cavity is because the bacteria that initially caused the decay needs to be professionally cleaned out. To completely ensure our patient’s comfort, we use The Wand™, which is an alternative anesthesia that painlessly numbs the area being worked on.

There are a few reasons why you want to be numb during this process.

Cavities can hurt and cause tooth aches because they expose a nerve that is located underneath your tooth. When something touches this nerve, you experience a shooting pain. Additionally, we want to ensure that when he fills a cavity, we are not filling on top of tooth decay. This means that he needs to remove any decay that is still present on your tooth (and potentially around an exposed nerve). We can do this with a few hand held tools that quickly remove bacteria and damaged tooth structure. You don’t feel pain or discomfort because the area is numb!

Once the area is cleaned, Dr. Hagen fills the tooth and shapes it so that you’re able to chew and speak normally.

You won’t be numb for more than an hour or two after the procedure, and during this time, we recommend that you do not eat.

Want to set up an appointment? Call Hagen Dental at 513-251-5500 and schedule an appointment today!