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Your Child’s First Dental Visit: When Should It Be?

Saturday, June 11th, 2016

Did you know? While in previous years, we would have recommended children to have their first dental visit around age 3, we now advise parents to come visit us earlier than that age!

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We now recommend bringing in your toddler at around 18 months. This is typically about the time when some, but not all, of their baby teeth are in!

Why The Change Now?

We like to see your children to make sure that everything in the mouth is normal! Most children’s baby teeth, also known as primary teeth or even milk teeth, come in with no problems, but sometimes lifestyle factors can affect the health of those teeth…

Let’s dig deeper!

More and more frequently in recent years, for a number of different reasons, the rate of tooth decay in young children is rapidly increasing.

In fact, in recent years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 42 percent of children, from age 2 to 11, have had cavities in their baby teeth. This high percentage of children with dental decay is much higher than in previous years.

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Why Is This Happening?

This rapid increase in early childhood caries – or ECC – is actually being called an “epidemic” because of just how prevalent it has now become. Early childhood caries (which in the past has also been called baby bottle tooth decay) can develop with infants or toddlers who go to sleep with a bottle in their mouth. Other children might get into the habit of walking around with a “sippy” cup or using a similar kind of cup, where they expose their teeth, for long periods of time, to sugary liquids or foods – such as sugary or starchy foods. That habit can also lead to decay, especially when it happens day after day.

hagen dental in cincinnatiAnother contributing factor is more widespread use of bottled water and the lack of fluoride. Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay because it increases the rate of re-mineralization in the mouth and it slows down the breakdown of enamel in our children’s mouth as well.

Because many children are drinking more water without fluoride, they aren’t experiencing those same benefits.

As mentioned, historically, this kind of tooth decay was not present to the same degree, and therefore most dentists would recommend a child’s first dentist be around age 3. Now you can put a reminder on your calendar to be sure you come in and see us around 18 months!

Your Child’s First Visit to Dr. Hagen: Timing is Everything!

Before getting worried, remember that tooth decay is preventable and bringing in your child earlier to see us is also a key preventative measure you can take. Bringing your child into the dentist can make sure that children’s teeth are coming in as they should!

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It’s also an opportunity to talk about any habits that the baby may have that could be contributing to tooth decay.

Clearly, a healthy mouth is something we all want for our kids. When we have a healthy mouth we promote the ability to chew properly, which in turn, impacts a child’s ability to maintain good nutrition. Healthy teeth from a young age also help encourage speech development, it ensures a space for permanent teeth, and it promotes confidence in the long-term.

Starting young helps promote a lifetime of healthy and bright smiles.

Be sure to bring your child in around 18 months so that we can examine their teeth and gums and help you know the proper oral hygiene methods and techniques for their oral health. Before then, be sure that you are giving your children nothing but water at bedtime so that you can avoid sugary liquids or carbohydrates being exposed to teeth all night long. 



‘Tis the Season for a Healthy Holiday Mouth

Saturday, December 21st, 2013

The holidays bring cherished time with the family and some of the year’s most-anticipated treats and food indulgences.

But with all the sought after entrees, yummy appetizers, and of course decadent desserts, we still want you to keep your teeth healthy over these next few weeks.

Here are 6 tips we’ve come up with to make sure your teeth stay healthy into next year:

1. Make a conscious effort to drink water.
Getting enough water each day will make sure you help work to “rinse out” the mouth after consuming sweets. But more importantly, by mixing up the orange juice, eggnog, or hot cider with the occasional good old glass of water, you’ll also cut down on the amount of sweet beverages you are consuming altogether.

2. Limit the hard candy.
Hard candy sticks to our teeth—as it sits there, in as little as 20 minutes, it is doing damage to your teeth! Once your protective teeth enamel is weakened, you are much more prone to tooth decay. Considering have only one or two, and leaving the rest for Santa!

3. …And the same goes for chewy candy and treats!
Yes, that means the caramel sweets and treats! If you can, rinse your mouth out with water and brush your teeth when you have a chance.

4. Don’t get too nutty!
Those nuts that are out on the table at all those holiday parties: go ahead and eat them, since they are packed with iron, magnesium, Vitamin E, and more. But just don’t crack the nuts with your teeth.

5. Don’t forget your routine.
If you are traveling, don’t forget to bring your floss along with you. If you do end up forgetting it, remind yourself that your teeth make up less than a third of the surface area of your mouth—so that means brushing your teeth is truly not enough…

Just know that keeping up with your regular flossing can make a big difference to combat all the holiday treats! Even if you’re busy this holiday season (and who isn’t?), it’ll be worth the couple of minutes it takes you each day!

6. Don’t take your teeth for granted!
Have you ever popped-open a bottle with your teeth? Or maybe you have ripped a tag of a new t-shirt, or off of a new gift of some kind, using your teeth. People have even been known to bend their forks or to try to open containers like nail polish using their teeth, believe it or not! Well, our teeth shouldn’t be treated in this way.

This holiday season, don’t forget your common sense—using your teeth as if they were tools can crack your teeth, or in some cases, break the edge of a teeth if that teeth is already weak. That’s not exactly the kind of holiday memory you want to have this year!

Want a White Christmas this holiday season? Ask us about Zoom! Teeth Whitening
—by using Zoom!, you can pick out YOUR desired shade of white…white teeth, that is! We wish you and your family a happy holiday season this year. If we don’t see you this month, we will see you in the New Year.