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Meet Hagen Dental’s Newest Team Member, Brandi Stemen

Friday, September 18th, 2015

Hagen Dental Cincinnati West Side Dentist

Name: Brandi Stemen. Most my friends and family call e “Brandie Rae.” (Rae is my middle name.)

Role: I am an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant. I would describe my role not only as an EFDA, but as an assistant that can bring quality care to my patients. I love making my patients feel comfortable at all times while they are in the office and giving them a positive experience.

Favorite restaurant in Cincinnati: I have quite a few favorite restaurants in Cincinnati but I think my number one choice would be Wild Mikes (in Delhi).

How long you have lived in Cincinnati? In November, it will be 2 years. I a from a small town outside of Dayton, Ohio, so it was quite an adjustment moving to the big city but I love it.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Some things I enjoy doing outside of work are spending time with my friends and family. I also enjoy attending Cincinnati sporting events such as UC football and basketball games, and Red’s games.

How would you describe the Hagen Dental team? The Hagen Dental team is a great team to work on. I knew the moment I walked into the office that I had to work here. The whole team is so warm, welcoming, and made me feel like I had been a part of the team for years. Everyone works as hard as they can to make the office run smoothly while providing quality care for our patients.

Hagen Dental is about total health. How do you stay healthy? To stay healthy, I focus on my fitness quite a bit which includes going to the gym 5-6 days a week. Everyone calls me crazy because I prefer to go to the gym before work so I wake up every morning at 4:30 AM.

What’s your favorite part of your job? My favorite part of my job would be the relationships I am able to build with my patients. I love getting to know my patients, and making them feel comfortable.

Finish this sentence: Hagen Dental patients… Will receive a lifetime of quality care when they step into our office.

Ready to come by our office and meet the Hagen Dental team? Visit our website to find out more or call (513) 251-5550 today. We can’t wait to meet you!

The ‘London Look’

Friday, June 5th, 2015

hagen dental dds

You may know of the phrase the “London Look,” thanks to the Rimmel London ads often on TV featuring Georgia May Jagger, the daughter of Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger. The slogan is meant to feature Jagger’s makeup, but for those who have seen the ads, they cannot help but think it represents another part of her appearance: her gap between her two front teeth!

What is the term for gaps in our teeth?

This term, formally known as diastema, is the term given to the space between teeth, in this case, the two front teeth.

Jagger is one of several celebrities that notoriously embrace this gap including Anna Paquin, Michael Strahan, Woody Harrelson, Madonna and Samuel L. Jackson.

Reasons why gaps in our teeth can occur include:

  • Gum disease that results in bone loss, or movement between front teeth
  • Oversized tissue that extending from inside of your upper lip to the gum just above 2 upper teeth
  • Habits such as thumb sucking that have affected teeth
  • Spaces causes by swallowing reflex over time

For many, the look can be a signature to them—meaning they have come to embrace the look in some ways…but what if, for a number of reasons, you want to fix the space that exists in your teeth?

Snap-On SmileTM Can Fix Gaps Between Your Teeth

Snap-On SmileTM gives you the ability to lose the gap or keep it when you want to. Featured previously in one of our blog posts, this custom-made, removable insert improves the cosmetic appearance of your teeth without any adhesives or glue. You can use it to hide diastema, missing teeth, chipped teeth or even discoloration. All you have to do is snap it over your teeth! This option avoids tooth drilling, shots, bonding, and best of all, it is affordable. Other benefits of Snap-On SmileTM   include:

  • Painless procedure
  • An easy process
  • Not invasive
  • You have choice over style and shade of your new smile—all of which will give you a natural look
  • Suitable for those who have an old-fashioned, removal partial denture

Ask us to learn more about achieving a great smile that you can have the ultimate confidence in with Snap-On SmileTM ! Thousands of people have used Snap-On SmileTM   to do just that!

To learn more about this option, you can check out our previous post or you can set up an appointment with us today at Hagen Dental.


A How-to Guide: Protecting Your Child’s Oral Health

Friday, October 11th, 2013

It’s time to brush up on how to help our kid’s develop healthy oral health habits. Here are five proactive measures you can take to protect your children’s smile: 

1. Consistently model good oral hygiene habits.

You aren’t aiming for perfection, but what you should do is strive for consistency when it comes to your own oral health habits. Kids truly take notice, as they do with other behaviors they watch and adopt.

Consider taking time out to floss with them—the time will go by faster, and this way, you know they are doing it correctly. And nothing works better than reinforcing kids and telling them a “job well done” when they, too, show commitment to their health.

2. Make tooth-brushing time a positive time.

Sometimes kids start to dread the entire process in which brushing teeth and flossing happens to take place. Oral hygiene routines generally take place before school, and once again before kids have to go to bed. If you take a positive approach to the process as a whole, the getting-ready-for-school and going-to-bed tasks won’t be perceived as such a dreaded process that they want to avoid each day.

Consider setting a timer for 2-3 minutes, and encourage children to see if they can “outlast” the timer. Some toothbrushes even have a timer on them. Just make sure that they don’t end up brushing their teeth harder if this “game” mentality is adopted.

3. Explain to children what sealant’s DON’T prevent.

Sealants are a very thin layer of plastic filling material used to protect harder-to-reach areas in the mouth. Sealants are used to literally “seal off” these crevices and grooves that our floss and a toothbrush have a hard time reaching. By doing so, sealants help prevent bacteria growth in these areas. Sealants do not prevent teeth decay in others areas, however. When used in combination with good daily habits, they can act as a preventative measure to help molars remain decay-free.

4. Let children take “ownership” of their oral health.

Consider taking your child with you to the store to pick his or her toothpaste out themselves. Or, if you prefer, let them pick out their toothbrush from the children’s oral health section. Either way, this helps reinforce the idea of responsibility, and taking control of one’s cavity-free mouth! It also helps reward children for being involved in healthy habits.

5 tips for better oral health for kids

5. Don’t shy away from taking the time to talk with Dr. Hagen.

Even if you’re doing your best to supervise your children as they brush, or perhaps you are already flossing with them, there are others issues that we are here to help clarify for you. Take, for example, your child’s specific fluoride needs.

Another important point of communication with your dentist can involve antibiotics. Discoloration, as well as other issues, can occur from prolonged use of certain antiobiotics. Not only that, but certain children’s medications also have a large amount of sugar in them. If the lines of communication with us are open when they need to be, we can work together to combat preventable problems. Talk with Dr. Hagen to learn more.

Remember, start small. And don’t forget to encourage along the way.

Taking these five tips into account, you will be well on your way to helping your children create their very own “bedtime ritual.” Be sure to look for other ways to make health education more interesting for your child. Take for example, this video on how to brush properly.

Your goal is to incrementally build positive habits, not necessarily expect our children to immediately adopt a daily regimen that we can even struggle with.

Have other tips you use when it comes to modeling and reinforcing positive hygiene habits with your family? Let us know on Facebook at
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