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5 Things You Need to Know About CEREC

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

5. CEREC stands for the ceramic reconstruction of your teeth! Simply put, it is a restoration product that uses—you guessed it—ceramic materials to restore any tooth that is decayed or broken…Just think: metal-free and one-visit!

Said another way, it no longer takes 2-4 weeks to send your restorations to a lab, to wait to get your crown/veneer/onlay/inlay prepared, and then another visit back to the dentist! Now all you do is come in, and that same very day you can walk away with your teeth restored.

4. CEREC will match the color of your teeth. And what else does that mean? Full confidence in your smile! That’s right, they look great, they last longer, and they are even biocompatible. On top of that, not only does ceramic have similar characteristics to healthy dental enamel, but we will also be sure to conserve as much of the original dental material as possible when you come into Hagen for your restoration.

3. There are five steps when you come in for your CEREC restoration. See Dr. Hagen explain it all here!

Dr. Hagen explains everything you need to know about CEREC.

2. There are many circumstances that make you a candidate for CEREC restoration. Cracked tooth? Chipped or heavily damaged tooth? Do you know that it is time to replace your old metal restorations? These may mean you are a candidate. If you have been told you need a new crown, inlay, only or even a bridge, you could be a potential candidate as well. Ask Dr. Hagen next time you come in for a visit if you want more information.

1. Hagen Dental is one of the few places here in the Tri-state area where you can get CEREC dental restoration…just think, all in one visit you can get your custom porcelain crowns that will perfectly fit your mouth.   

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