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March 3rd, 2020

Heard of Tongue Scraping? Here’s What to Know

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what to know about Tongue Scraping

Ever brush your tongue with your toothbrush when you’re finished brushing your teeth? Chances are that you do! But do you know why?

Good news–you’re on the right track to a healthy habit.

Our tongues need attention, just like our pearly whites! Did you know that there’s actually a tool specifically designed to clean our tongues? It’s called a tongue scraper (imagine that!) Tongue scrapers can be beneficial in a number of ways, some of which may surprise you. We’ll fill you in on the details.

Benefits to Tongue Scraping

Why Use a Tongue Scraper?

Should you be using a tongue scraper? The research says… probably! Here are just a few reasons why you may want to invest in one:

Improve Your Oral Health

Keeping up with your oral hygiene goes beyond just your teeth. It’s important to take care of your whole mouth–tongue included! Tongue scraping promotes general tooth and gum health, and can aid in removing any unwanted bacteria. In turn, this helps fight off gum infections, plaque build-up, tooth decay, and other periodontal issues (3).

Ditch Bad Breath

Who likes bad breath? Most of the bacteria that causes bad breath is harbored towards the very back of the tongue (which we rarely reach during a routine brush.) Instead of relying on gum or mints to mask bad breath, it’s more effective to regularly use a tongue scraper as a preventative measure (2). The people around you will thank you!

Make Food Taste Better (Say What?!)

Okay, we’re not claiming that this will make a carrot taste like a brownie, but… tongue scraping can allow you to better experience the true flavors of food. If the surface of your tongue is masked by mucus and excessive build-up, your taste buds can become blocked. Removing this build-up can better expose your taste buds, allowing for a greater ability to truly taste whatever it is that you’re eating. Win–bring on the brownies! (3)

How to Use a Tongue Scraper

It’s best to use a tongue scraper each morning before brushing your teeth. Most are a U-shaped, thin, flat piece of metal. To start, stick your tongue out in the mirror, and say, “Ahhh,” just as you would at the dentist! Next, use both hands to hold the scraper and begin at the back of your tongue. Applying a gentle pressure, and then scrape the surface of your tongue from back to front in one continuous stroke. Repeat 5-6 times, rinsing the scraper between each use.

Where to Get a Tongue Scraper

So where can you find one!? Just like they’re made in a variety of different shapes and sizes, they can also be found in a variety of different places. You’ll likely have no trouble picking one up at your local Walmart, Target, or health food store, but you can surely find them online through Amazon (1). Hello, Easter basket idea! Ask us if you have more questions.

Hagen Dental is Here to Help

Want to learn more about tongue scraping and other healthy oral hygiene habits? We’re happy to help! We always treat you with kindness and compassion at Hagen Dental. We’re here to earn your trust with personalized, gentle care. Call (513) 251-5500 or click the Online Scheduling button here to schedule your next visit.



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