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November 20th, 2019

Flossing Ads that Will Make You Smile (And Floss!)

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Flossing: it’s so important because it removes plaque in-between your teeth.

Fighting off tooth decay and helping to reduce your risk of developing gum disease is no joke…but check out these 10 unique flossing ads for a good laugh. Hopefully seeing these ads for flossing will make you smile—and they may even make you want to floss right away!

Before flossing…and after flossing

Don’t go to bed without flossing!

Here’s one way to remind people to floss!

No food will escape it!

The kids would like this one, no doubt…

No one needs to know what you’ve been eating!

Shining the spotlight on you…

Bring the attention back to you!

There are places where a toothpick will never reach…

What do you notice first?

Look closer: there is more that’s wrong with this picture than just the food in his teeth.

Hint: he has a missing ear. The point is, if you just focus on the food in his teeth, it’s hard to see much else.

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Source used: Ads of the World for advertisements.


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