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October 23rd, 2019

10 Oral Health Memes to Make You Laugh Out Loud

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oral health memes to make you smile hagen dental

We’re serious about your oral health—but not TOO serious to be able to see the humor in what we do! As such, here are 10 playful oral health memes we hope can make you smile:

1. Maybe I can make up for not brushing?

oral heath meme about brushing your teeth

2. That’s a win!

when the dentist compliments you meme

3. Bring on the tooth fairy!

tooth fairy meme

4. Well, we’d have to agree…


one does not neglect their oral health

5. What kind of filling!?


what kind of filling funny dental meme

6. One for the parents…


 funny dental meme

7. No list would be complete without a dinosaur meme…


 funny dinosaur dental meme

8. A bit of a misunderstanding?


need a crown dental humor


9. Because who doesn’t love Ryan Reynolds…


ryan reynolds dental health meme

10. We never thought of that…but so true!

dental health meme funny humor

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