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September 7th, 2019

7 Foods Your Dental Care Team Avoids

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7 foods your dental care team avoids cincinnati dentist

Much of the time we focus on the foods that are good for your teeth. But what about the foods that we should try to avoid when possible?

Here are a few of the foods and beverages that the Hagen Dental team aims to avoid.

1. Sour candies

You’re probably not too surprised to see candy on the list! Sour candies are unique in that the acids can be extra hard on your teeth, though!

Sometimes the candy has such a low pH level that it can burn people’s cheeks and gums; that shows you just how damaging and intense the acid can be in your mouth.

A lot of times sour candies are also chewy, and so they end up staying on your teeth an extended time, making the damage to the enamel even more prolonged. Talk about an acid attack…

2. Certain granola bars or power bars

Depending on the granola bar, certain brands have a super high sugar content, aimed to give people some energy quick.

That may or may not fit your nutrition goals, but be aware of what’s really in that granola bar. If you’re training for a long race or a marathon, you may be well aware of what you’re eating; otherwise, be aware that some on-the-go bars are truly packed with extra sugar.

Either way, with that kind of high sugar content, be aware of how you’re snacking and how often you’re eating those granola bards. If and when that granola bar is a stickier consistency, you can see a sudden increase in tooth decay and not even realize the reason.

What can you do instead? When you’re able to, make your own portable snacks or aim for fresh fruit or dairy, when appropriate. Ask us if you have more questions on how certain sticky, sugar-rich granola bars can be a problem for you or your family.

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3. Sports drinks with sugar

It may surprise you to learn how much sugar certain sports drinks have, which is part of the reason we avoid them. Sipping on those drinks lets the sugar sit on the teeth for hours to come, promoting tooth decay in the process.

Often times people are extra dehydrated when consuming sports drinks, and they drink them instead of water—which doesn’t do you any favors, either. Stick with the water and your teeth will thank you.

4. Coffee drinks with lots of sugar

How much sugar are you adding in to your coffee? Or maybe your coffee drink of choice comes with sugar added and so you aren’t the one necessarily seeing the sugar go in. Coating the teeth with sugar can lead to tooth decay, and it’s going to be made worse if you tend to sip your coffee drink throughout the morning or day.

IF you can’t go without sugar, try to limit the amount of coffee you drink or try to slowly reduce the amount of sugar you’re adding. Your teeth and gums will thank you in the long run!

5. Sticky and sweet treats

Caramel treats anyone? Caramel and other sticky and sweet treats are a dream for the bacteria in our mouths which feed off those sugars. A result of that process is an acid that’s produced, and that acid creates little holes in the enamel. With that kind of knowledge—and seeing the kind of damage caramels and other sticky sweets can have—you can understand why we tend to avoid those treats.

If those cling-on sweets are a consistent way of eating, that’s when major and lasting damage can occur, so do your best to minimize those treats or to replace them with a healthier “treat” that’s still satisfying for you.

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6. Soft drinks (or pop, depending on where you live)

Soft drinks, soda, pop—no matter what you call it, the reality is that these carbonated drinks should be consumed in moderation for a number of reasons. Pop tends to have a double dose of sugar and acid. By reading this far, you know just how damaging that can be on your teeth and gums!

Second, some soft drinks also contain phosphoric acid, and that also makes dental erosion worse. All the more reason to limit your consumption.

Did you ever see the experiment where a penny is placed in soda? That will show you just how corrosive pop can be…

7. Super starchy and processed snacks

Processed muffins, chips, bagels, crackers, fries, certain cereals…what do these (typically) have in common? They tend to be highly refined and/or high in starch. Inside the mouth, as you chew, your body breaks down these types of starches into sugar. That almost-gummy-like paste can get stuck in the crevices between your teeth, and the problem is, it tends to stay on your teeth for hours, making your teeth prone to decay.

As you can imagine, over time, refined snacks like these can do some major damage to your teeth.

Dental Care At Hagen Dental Practice: We’re Here for Your Entire Family

Are we saying you have to avoid these food and drink choices, too? Absolutely not! It’s just a good idea to know what you want to tend to avoid for optimal oral health. Remember that this post is meant to help guide you make better decisions, and it shouldn’t be taken as medical advice.

At Hagen Dental Practice, we’re focused on helping you improve your overall health. We always treat you with kindness, compassion, and understanding at Hagen Dental! We’re here to earn your trust with personalized, gentle care. Call (513) 251-5500 or click the Online Scheduling button here to schedule your next visit.

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