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July 5th, 2019

Guess the Smiles: Cincinnati Reds Edition

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The “Guess the Smiles” game is back! Take a guess based on the pearly whites you see, and then scroll down below to see if you really do know the Reds like you think you do…

  1. This catcher won the Gold Glove Award in 2017 and his nickname is “Barney.”

  1. This Cuban-born Right Fielder used to play for the Dodgers.

  1. This well-known player who made is debut with the Reds in 2007 is from Canada.

4. Known for his sense of humor and gold chain necklace, when he made his Reds debut, he hit a three-run home run.

5. This Venezuelan infielder can hit, run, throw, and chew gum, all at the same time, with no problem.

6. This second baseman’s real name is Ryan, but he doesn’t go by that name.

7. This pitcher was named the starter for Opening Day against the Pittsburgh Pirates this season.

8. You often see her alongside Gapper and Mr. Redlegs!

And now, the answers…

1. Tucker Barnhart.

Photo via Tucker Barnhart’s Twitter

2. Yasiel Puig.

Photo via Yasiel Puig’s Twitter

3. Joey Votto.

Photo via public domain of Wikipedia – Blackngold29

4. Derek Dietrich.

Photo via Instagram: @32double_d

5. Eugenio Suárez.

Photo via Instagram: @reds

6. Scooter Gennett.

Photo via Instagram: @mlbeunited

7. Luis Castillo.

Photo via Instagram: @reds

8. Rosie Red.

Photo via

Avoid Strikes Against Your Teeth

Baseball no doubt has had an influence on our culture, especially here in Cincinnati. One of the negative impacts, though, has unfortunately been the dangerous habit of chewing tobacco. In years past, it was popular for MLB players to chew tobacco and to model that behavior even though (we now know) how harmful smokeless tobacco is for your overall health and oral health.

More than 8 years ago, MLB stopped providing players with smokeless tobacco. Then in 2012, restrictions on smokeless tobacco (which includes chewing tobacco) were implemented for baseball players at many ballparks, including ours here in Cincinnati.

Much research has shown the negative and lasting effects of smokeless tobacco. Take for example how it has at least 27 cancer-causing chemicals, and that it is known to directly cause cancer of the mouth, lip, tongue, and pancreas.

Other effects include oral leukoplakia (white mouth lesions), gum disease, and major gum recession which can result in oral health issues like bone loss, jaw problems, or loss of teeth. There is evidence that supports the idea it increases the risks for heart disease and diabetes, among other chronic conditions.

Just as more MLB players are saying no to chewing tobacco, you can avoid strikes against your teeth and overall health by avoiding tobacco, too!

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