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June 11th, 2019

Cincinnati Museum Showcases Dental Health

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cincinnati dentist and a showcase for cincinnati families

Looking for some family-friendly and educational activities this summer?

Look no further: the Cincinnati Museum Center (CMC) at Union Terminal has a new section for families that helps showcase the importance of dental health and good oral hygiene habits.

The initiative—appropriately called “Inside the Grin”—is a giant mouth (yes, you read that right!) that allows adults and kids to walk through and explore different facets of dental health.

Here’s just a few areas the exhibit focuses on:

cincy museum showcases dental health tips for familiesThe experience of visiting the Dentist

When you first come up to the exhibit, you’ll notice the giant mouth, yes, but once you’re inside the giant mouth, it becomes clear that the inside is also modeled after a dentist office.

Put simply: there’s a dental office IN a giant mouth. It doesn’t get better than that!

At the same time, the “office” features an interactive dentist’s chair and fun alongside educational videos on oral health. It’s great for hands-on play but also for some real lessons on how to take care of your teeth and gums.

proper oral health habits cincinnati museumProper oral health habits

Kids will have a ton of fun using giant floss to floss between massive (yes, massive!) teeth.

Thanks to the enormous floss, they can see just how daily, positive oral hygiene can help ward off bacteria growth, tartar, and plaque.

The most effective way to brush your teeth

kids love playing with the massive teeth at the museumAnother part of the exhibit features—you guessed it—a giant toothbrush. So not only can you practice flossing and see how floss helps to get those hard-to-reach areas, but you can use a huge toothbrush to practice the proper brushing technique.

How dental care is empowering

One thing that this exhibit shows: we have control of our own dental health, and that’s a great lesson for kids to learn. Oral healthcare SHOULD be seen in a positive light, and children don’t have to fear or worry about going to the dentist or about caring for their smiles.

dental care in cincinnati

Animal teeth

Kids love animals, and even this oral health exhibit delivers in this arena, too! One part of the giant mouth features a section that talks all about animal teeth. (After all, people are animals, too.) But this section includes facts about other animals’ teeth, not just humans.

Habits that can cause development issues in the mouth 

The exhibit also features some other habits that kids may have and how that can impact oral health. For example: thumb sucking and pacifiers are usually okay and normal, but if those behaviors persist for too long, there can be lasting issues related to the desired development of the jaw. It can even result in speech impediments, in some cases, as the exhibit showcases. (So yes, the exhibit teaches mom and dad AND the kids a thing or two!)

Polish Up On Your Dental Knowledge with the Entire Family

Inside the Grin is a great, family-friendly activity that all can enjoy! Plus, it’s also a win-win that kids are able to see some of the results of poor oral healthcare.

After all, tooth decay is the leading chronic infectious disease in kids today but it is mostly something we can prevent.

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