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January 14th, 2019

Growing Trends & Increasingly Popular Technologies In Dentistry (Part Two)

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In part one of our series, we covered just a few of the latest and greatest dental technologies we’re proud to offer our patients. Here’s just a few more dental trends and technologies to know about:

ARESTIN™ for effective gum disease treatment

The primary reason for tooth loss is not decay–it’s gum disease, which not everyone knows! That’s why we offer an innovative, powerful weapon in the fight against gum disease. It’s called ARESTIN™ and it gives patients a time-released antibiotic that can work against your infection. It does the work in the spaces between your gums and teeth!

All in all, think of it as another advancement that can powerfully get rid of or reduce bacteria-causing gum disease. Probably the best patient benefit is that it’s totally painless, which is another reason why we love it so much!

Digital X-Rays for x-rays with significantly less radiation

People hear “X-rays” and can worry about the radiation involved. X-rays are diagnostic, which is important, but they also are a preventative tool that allows us to see issues before they become detrimental to your health.

They allow us to see cavities, your roots, the health of your bones, the state of periodontal disease if you have it, and much more.

With 75 percent less radiation than traditional film X-rays, digital X-rays will capture images of your entire mouth that are immediately accessible on our computers, so that’s a huge advancement we’re able to offer. Not only is there significantly less radiation exposure, the entire process is much faster, too!

wand for local anesthesia

The Wand™ for more comfort with anesthesia

Many people become anxious thinking about the thought of getting an injection for local anesthesia! That is no longer the case thanks to advancements in systems for local anesthesia.

The Wand™ is actually a computerized system, allowing controlled anesthesia without pain or sensitivity. Think of it as guidance as we numb you, but it also means less pain and greater contained numbness!

CEREC for natural-looking, durable dental crowns and tooth restoration

CEREC is used to restore a tooth that has decay, is weakened, or is broken. It is also used to remove defective amalgam fillings, or to place cosmetic veneers. As many as 1.2 billion metal fillings will have to be replaced in the next decade…CEREC will replace many of these fillings so that people can have a tooth that is free of decay, and so that the tooth is strong and beautiful once again.

We’ve been using CEREC for years, and it’s more popular and in-demand now because of all its benefits. When it’s decided that you are a candidate for a CEREC one-visit restoration, we prep the tooth and create an optical impression of it.

Within minutes, we then use our CEREC machine to create your restoration. Our team designs the custom-fit restoration using 3D software—so yes, you read that right—we’ve been using 3D printing for years, right in our office!

Next, that design goes to the milling machine and a ceramic block is created. Thanks to diamond-coated burs, we’re able to carve out the restoration, perfectly! The last step is to bond the crown to the remaining tooth structure.

This ceramic, tooth-colored restoration is not only cut out and shaped perfectly, but we make sure, once in your mouth, you have a proper fit and comfortable bite. This entire procedure from start to finish takes about an hour, and it’s down all in our office. The end result is that we’re able to preserve your tooth structure AND your natural-looking tooth fits perfectly in your mouth. 

convenient and innovative dentistry hagen dental

Dental care with greater convenience

Understandably, people desire convenience when it comes to their health! That’s why we work to give you the best dental care and, simultaneously, to save you time and effort, too. We give each family member the attention and personal care they need.

We work to make your visits both convenient and enjoyable. Part of that lately has been about setting appointments with us. You can now set your appointment quickly and easily online on our website.

Offering the Latest Dental Technology Alongside Personalized Care

We are excited to meet you or your family and to offer you the latest technologies that can help improve your oral health and overall health and well-being. If you’re interested in learning more about any of these treatments or technologies, let us know.

We realize each patient has a different level of apprehension about visiting a dentist, and one of the most important things we can do first is to simply listen to you. Whether you or a loved one are worried about pain or if you have had a past dental experience that might have been unpleasant, we will work to treat you with kindness and understanding.

Please call (513) 251-5500 or click the Online Scheduling button at the top of our website to schedule your next visit!

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