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January 8th, 2019

Growing Trends & Increasingly Popular Technologies In Dentistry (Part One)

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At Hagen Dental Practice, we make it our commitment to offer you the latest technologies that will support your dental health.

We keep your family smiling not just with quality treatment and that technology, but with the very friendly and compassionate manner with which it’s provided, too!

Curious about some of the growing trends in dental care and some of the increasingly popular technologies that are available to you? Here are a few highlights of what’s effective and also in-demand, too: 

VELscope™ for better (and earlier) oral cancer detection

It may surprise you to hear that oral cancer causes over 9,750 deaths, killing roughly 1 person per hour, 24 hours per day, according to the Oral Cancer Foundation (1).

Historically, the death rate associated with oral cancers is particularly high, due to how the cancer was often discovered late in its development. But, thanks the latest technology, oral cancer can be located and easily cured while still in the early stages. In fact, there is a 90 percent cure rate when oral cancer is diagnosed and treated early—which is just part of why we’re happy to offer VELscope to our patients.

In short, VELscope offers highly effective oral cancer detection, plus it’s fast and done right in the office. Using the special light, any unusual tissues can be identified, which is great for us to be able to use to support your health.   

Teeth whitening with no sensitivity

GLO Whitening is a new way to whiten teeth…and perhaps the best part about it: it minimizes tooth sensitivity and it doesn’t include any messy trays or strips that fall off!

How it works: we apply a whitening gel to your teeth throughout the mouth. That whitening gel is unique because it has no alcohol or carbamide peroxide, so that helps to minimize any kind of sensitivity during treatment. It also stays put on your teeth during the treatment, unlike other whitening gels.

Next, we secure the GLO whitening mouthpiece within your mouth. That mouthpiece is where the name comes from: Guided Light Optics (hence the name “GLO”).

At this point, the warm heat-plus-light activates the professional strength whitening gel we applied to your teeth. At the same time, it prevents oxygen from leaving the mouth which helps for efficient and fast results.

What’s more: The accelerated whitening keeps wear times pretty fast: about 8 minutes each round. So, you can see how the procedure is a huge advancement: it is fast, safe and effective! You can also keep using your at-home treatments after you leave out office, helping you to get super white, dazzling teeth!

Oral health being taken more seriously than ever

Oral health can have a huge impact on a person’s life, and people are recognizing this more than ever today! Also, it’s not always as simple as just oral health habits like brushing your teeth and flossing. Bruxism (tooth grinding), TMJ, periodontitis, crooked or misshapen teeth, and missing teeth can combine to cause headaches and migraines, toothaches, chronic bad breath, and an unattractive appearance.

That’s why people are paying more attention than ever to the health of their teeth, gums, and overall mouth…which we’re happy to hear about!

teeth straightening in cincinnati

Invisalign for teeth straightening 

You may have heard of Invisalign by now: These innovative, clear aligners correct problems of gapped teeth, overbite, crossbite, overcrowding, and underbite. This system employs 3-D computer imaging to create a treatment plan starting with your teeth’s current position all the way through to your final new smile.

Sets of thermoplastic aligners fit over your teeth while gently and gradually moving them into position. Every two weeks you switch aligners as progress is made. Dr. Hagen will evaluate your Invisalign progress about every month or two. The total treatment time depends on your specific needs and goals!

One of the best things about this innovation is that they are hardly detectable—even up close—so you feel more confident while smiling during treatment. Because there are no metal braces, wires, or headgear, there is no mouth irritation. And, not to be forgotten: you can eat and drink whatever you want with Invisalign!

Hagen Dental Provides the Latest Dental Technology And Personalized Care

We are excited to meet you or your family and to offer you the latest technologies that can help improve your oral health and overall health and well-being. If you’re interested in learning more about any of these treatments or technologies, let us know.

We realize each patient has a different level of apprehension about visiting a dentist, and one of the most important things we can do first is to simply listen to you. Whether you or a loved one are worried about pain, have had a past dental experience that might have been unpleasant, or are uncomfortable about your own perceived dental problems, we will work to treat you with kindness and understanding.

Please call (513) 251-5500 or click the Online Scheduling button at the top of our website to schedule your next visit!




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