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December 18th, 2018

Keep Your Mouth Healthy for the Holidays

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Want to be sure your mouth stays healthy for the holidays? We thought so!

Here are tips to help you do just that: 

Avoid using your teeth like tools

Someone may have used a lot of tape on that present—or maybe that’s you—but avoid the temptation to wrap or to unwrap any gifts by using a little help from your teeth.

Teeth were made for chewing and eating, and were not meant to be used like scissors. (That also goes for using your teeth as if they are a bottle opener, too.)

When you treat your teeth like a tool, you can crack a tooth, damage your enamel, or you can even accidentally choke or swallow on an item if you are unlucky. All in all, that’s an easy mistake you can avoid!

Keep the sugary treats to a minimum

Sugary sweets, pies, candies, cookies and even drinks—the list of sweets and treats this time of year can be long. That’s fine to indulge in your favorite foods and beverages this time of year. We just recommend that you keep a watch on the amount of sugar-packed foods you consume. After all, you already know that sugar can lead to tooth decay.

Minimize the damage-causing bacteria (which feeds on sugar and turns to acid on the enamel) by sticking with your regular, positive oral health habits.

Be careful with those chewy and sticky treats

Chewy and sticky candies tend to stick on our teeth, resulting in a very acidic environment in our mouth. That, unfortunately, can cause lasting and permanent damage to our teeth. These treats actually break down the enamel of our teeth in as little as 20 minutes. Yikes!

Because they are extra hard, chewy or sticky, they also are more likely to result in a dental emergency or just cause some sort of accident we didn’t intend in the mouth.

If you really want to play it safe, be sure you avoid chewing on any really hard candies, ice, or popcorn kernels, all of which can crack or damage a tooth. Share that with kids, too, so they know it’s important not to chomp down on hard candies this time of year, or any time of year for that matter!

Keep your routine

To combat the surgery sweets and the extra indulgence this time of year, aim to keep your regular oral health routine and other positive habits.

Aim to…

  • Brush your teeth every day and always before bed;
  • Stay hydrated with water to take advantage of how water can naturally rinse away food and sugars that stick to your teeth otherwise;
  • Use a mouthwash. (Ask us if you need more direction.)
  • Focus on nutrient-rich foods and avoid processed foods which tend to have more sugar added and less nutrients whenever you can;

And of course: see us at least twice a year so we can do a deep cleaning and prevent, minimize and/or spot problems if they do occur.

here comes santa floss hagen dental

Here comes (Santa) floss

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the importance of flossing, especially to work against some of the negative habits we can have around the holidays!

Flossing stimulates your gums which keeps them healthy. It also greatly reduces that destructive bacteria and the plaque, especially along your gum line. No matter how you choose to floss, it can also help lower inflammation.

Just remember that one third or more of your mouth is not reached if you don’t floss. Said another way, when you brush your teeth, you’re only cleaning about two-thirds of all your teeth. That really puts things in perspective and it’s one more thing we can do in the coming weeks to keep our mouth healthy.

smile friendly stocking stuffers

Check Out These Stocking Stuffer Ideas

To keep your mouth extra healthy, here are some fun stocking stuffer ideas. Of course some of these are more for you or your spouse, rather than the kids!

Here are some ideas:

  • A shiny new toothbrush—whether that be electric or just a brand new manual one! Maybe the kids can get a Dora the Explorer, Avengers, Angry Birds, or Disney toothbrush, for example.
  • Toothpaste…You can try something new like sensitivity toothpaste or ask us about other great options that can be sure to help make brush time fun!
  • Mini mouthwash.
  • Gum sweetened with Xylitol.
  • Sports mouthguard from Hagen Dental. Hey, winter sports are coming! Or maybe you just want this one for yourself because you grind your teeth…
  • Your favorite kind of floss or a floss threader. The kids may even get an extra treat with flavored floss!
  • GLO Teeth whitening for extra white teeth without the sensitivity.
  • A tooth timer. Kids can get a high five or another incentive when they routinely brush for the right amount of time!
  • A fun or themed toothbrush holder.

Schedule That Post-Holiday Regular Dental Exam

We’re wishing you a happy and joyous Christmas and holiday season. If you are looking for a deep clean to get rid of the plaque build-up in your mouth, give Hagen Dental Practice a call today at (513) 251.5500. You can also use our convenient online scheduling at any time here. Your teeth—and your smile—will feel great when you leave Hagen Dental Practice!

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