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June 27th, 2018

GLO Whitening: Incredible Whitening Results Without Sensitivity

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We’re happy to offer GLO Whitening to our patients. So what is GLO Whitening, and why is it so innovative? We’re here to explain…

It’s Time for Dual Whitening!

One of the greatest things about GLO Whitening is that it is non-sensitive whitening. So if you ever experienced sensitivity or even pain with other whitening products, this could be a fit for you.

The reason we call it a “dual” whitening treatment is because after you come in to the office for the first step, there is an easy-to-use treatment at home that gives you continued maintenance on your pearly whites. You can imagine how that combination results in the whitest, long-lasting smile possible.

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And How Does GLO Whitening Work?

The GLO technology is pretty amazing. First, we precisely apply a whitening gel to your teeth throughout the mouth. That whitening gel is has no alcohol or carbamide peroxide. Translation:  this is what often causes sensitivity and the drying of your gums, so you’re really minimizing the sensitivity you can get during the treatment! It also stays put on your teeth during the treatment, unlike other whitening gels.

Next, we secure the GLO whitening mouthpiece within your mouth.

That mouthpiece is where the name comes from: Guided Light Optics (hence the name “GLO”). Specifically, the warm heat-plus-light activates the professional strength whitening gel we applied to your teeth. At the same time, it prevents oxygen from leaving the mouth which helps for efficient and fast results.

Again, there isn’t the sensitivity people otherwise often have, so you can see why our patients are loving it for that reason alone.

The other reason this minimizes sensitivity? The accelerated whitening keeps wear times pretty fast: about 8 minutes each round. So, you can see how the procedure is a double win: fast and effective.

Wondering how long will it take for you specifically? We’ll work with you based on the results desired, your age, and other factors to see how long your specific treatment will last.

Ready, Set, GLO…At Home

You can see why the gentle, controlled warming heat of this technology—which does not cause dehydration of your teeth, which can cause sensitivity—is gaining popularity. The other reason our patients like it is for the continued maintenance aspect.

We give you the mouthpiece for your at-home treatments which help to keep that smile as white as possible for the long-run. You don’t have to deal with trays and it’s easy for you to keep up with. Each application is around 8 minutes.

If you know your mouth and gums tend to be EXTRA sensitive, you can also apply the lip care to the gum area as well as to your lips at home. That way, you can create a barrier to protect your gums so you can minimize any kind of sensitivity you have if you know your teeth/gums tend to be very sensitive.

“This Sounds Great! Is It Safe to Use?”

The answer is yes, it’s safe to use! We’ll help you know if you are a candidate for this new technology, but in general, it’s safe to use on crowns, caps, bonding, and even veneers.

Second, GLO uses LEDs that emit blue light. Blue light is part of the “visible light spectrum” and that is not harmful to your body.

no sensitivity with glo whitening at hagen dental practice

So What About the Results of GLO Whitening?

Just how white your teeth get depends on the natural shade of your teeth. It will also depend on the amount of stains your teeth has, and the type of stains your teeth has. But the average shade for GLO is about 5 tooth shades in 5 days based on clinical trials. If you want to go whiter after 5 days of use, you can keep using your at-home treatments. We find that people are very satisfied with their results, but ask us if you have more questions.

If you are worried about looking TOO white, have no fear. You can completely control how white and bright your teeth become. That’s just one more benefit of the GLO system. 

Call Us Today to Learn More About GLO Whitening  

Ready to say goodbye to sensitivity, “zingers” and messy trays or strips? Sounds like it is time for GLO in-office and take home whitening! Let us know if you are interested in finding out more about how you can have your brightest, whitest smile. Give us a call today at (513) 251-5500.

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