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March 3rd, 2018

How to Fight Aging Through Your Smile

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fight aging through your smile at hagen dental

You usually hear that your eyes can show your age, but did you know that your mouth can also say a whole lot about your age?

Just like other parts of your body, as you age, your smile changes!

Luckily, we’ve got some tips and tricks to keep your smile looking radiant over the years. And, we’ll share some reasons as to why you should keep smiling—it’s good for you!

The Benefits of Smiling 

A smile can go a long way. In fact, there are a number of scientifically proven benefits that come from smiling. Time to show off those pearly whites!

It Can Improve Your Mood

Did you know that the physical act of smiling can actually help you feel better? Because your brain associates smiling with happiness, smiling on purpose (even when you’re not feeling cheery) can actually improve your mood. It causes a change in your brain chemistry, and will leave you feeling more joyful (2). Pretty cool, huh?

It Makes You Appear More Youthful

According to a German study, happy people are found more youthful than people with neutral expressions; 150 participants were shown over 1,000 photos of different people, and were asked to guess their age. Those who were smiling were estimated (on average) 2-3 years younger than their counterparts (3)!

It’s Good for Your Immune System

What?! Smiling is good for your immune system? Yes! When you smile, your body releases endorphins. In addition to making you happier, endorphins also help strengthen your immune system (4). Win-win.

keeping your smile young at hagen dental

Tips to Keeping Your Smile Young

As you age, your teeth change. They appear darker, duller, and even have a greater chance of chipping. In turn, this can lead to an older looking smile (1). But don’t fret! There are plenty of ways to keep your smile looking radiant, longer.

Keep Your Pearly Whites…White!

One of the guiltiest culprit for an aging mouth is yellowing or stained teeth. As you get older, your enamel deteriorates. This causes the appearance of a duller, yellow smile. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to improve the whiteness of your teeth.

We feature in-office power whitening along with traditional take-home whitening! Discuss whitening options with us to find the best route for your smile (1).

Pay Attention to Gum Recession

Receding gums are another clear indicator of age since they tend to recede over time. Through the years, your gums may recede due to aggressive brushing, poor hygiene habits, or simply the reduction of collagen production. To prevent this, be sure to engage in good hygiene practices and consider switching to an electric toothbrush to reduce the harms of aggressive brushing (1).

Also keep in mind that if you have advanced periodontitis, and you lose teeth, your facial appearance can be impacted. When teeth are lost or there is bone loss, here’s what can happen:

  • Facial angles can change: When teeth are lost, you can decrease the angle by your lip – and that, in turn, can worsen the vertical lines on your face.
  • Your bite can change: when bone loss happens, your bite relationship can worsen, causing the mouth, over time, to have a “scowl” appearance.
  • Your lips can change shape: Put simply, when teeth are lost, the lips can thin because they don’t have that same kind of “support” behind them. Additionally, the upper lip can look more pronounced in those who have bone loss.
  • Your jowl can change: With bone loss, the surrounding muscles in your jaw can change and even sag. This can look like an entire lack of jaw or even what’s called a “witch’s chin.” (5)

Do Away with Your Metal Fillings

Silver-mercury amalgam has been the standard in filling material in decades past.

The downside: the very noticeable dark filling in light teeth, which can take away from your mouth looking young! Although some practices still continue using this material, we offer modern composite resin fillings without metals. They bond tightly to teeth, which can strengthen them, and are virtually unnoticeable.

This filling material matches the shade of your teeth, so they are aesthetically pleasing while at the same time reducing the chance of future dental decay.

Be sure to ask us whether or not replacing old tooth restoration pieces with newer ones is a good idea for you so you can have a more natural-looking option!

…And Don’t Forget About Dental Makeovers!

Let’s face it: as we age, we can have a lot happen to our teeth. It could be discoloration but it could be gaps or missing teeth, too!

Using veneers, whitening, bonding, crowns, and more, we can alter your smile to the ideal you have always wanted. In other words, we can actually restore (or totally revamp) your smile, which helps to take years off your appearance.

These procedures are faster and easier than you might think, and are more affordable than ever. Take for example veneers, which are able to quickly and painlessly adjust crooked teeth. Made of tough, durable dental ceramic, these thin coverings are bonded to teeth.

They can also be used to correct chipped, cracked, or worn-down teeth and will match the natural white shade of your other teeth. These beautiful veneers will make you not want to stop smiling and will have people saying, “Wow, you look younger!”

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Keep Coming In To Hagen Dental Practice!

We can help you find exactly what it is that your smile needs to stay looking its best. Along with maintain proper dental hygiene practices, scheduling regular cleanings and examinations will help your smile in the long run! (1)

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