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November 21st, 2011

Question of the Week: Why Wear an Athletic Mouthguard?

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It’s not just hockey players, boxers, or BMX bike riders who should be wearing athletic mouthguards.

In fact, whether you’re playing sports recreationally, or competing at an elite level, dental injuries are a very common result of collision! (Picture chipped or broken teeth, nerve damage, concussions, or even breaking your jaw!) Some of these very injuries can take years to heel properly.

The good news is this: studies repeatedly show us that athletic mouthguards absorb the shock that your teeth and jaw may encounter. The American Dental Association supports the idea that the best available solution – for both contact and non-contact sport participation — is a properly fitting athletic mouthguard.

So by simply wearing an athletic mouthguard you can better avoid becoming one of the 5 million people each year who have a tooth knocked out while playing sports! Sounds like a smart idea to us!

Some tips to keep in mind:
• Under normal circumstances, you don’t want to wear a removable retainer and an athletic mouthguard at the same time;
• Ideally, check your athletic mouthguard fit at least yearly, as fit is crucial;
• Keep your athletic mouthguard clean and store it away from the heat;
• Wear your athletic mouthguard in practices and in games!

We offer customized mouthguards that can fit you right, still allow you to speak, and most importantly, allow you to breathe properly! If you’d like to setup an appointment with Hagen Dental, visit the About Us page on our website or stop in our office. Or, “follow” us on Twitter and “like” us on Facebook!

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